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Information Technology

Leonardo DRS Polaris
Qualified JEDS system, hardware and software engineers integrate equipment from multiple vendors with in-house developed software to provide complete turnkey systems for our customers.

Software Development

The JEDS software development group specialises in the design and development of applications in the areas of real-time digital signal processing, ELINT collection and analysis, and automatic test and calibration systems.

Recent developments include:

  • PulsePro, JEDS Front-Line ELINT PDW collection and analysis tool.
  • Gateway API for interfacing PulsePro to any 3rd party PDW generating hardware.
  • Video Pulse Processor, using COTS hardware to produce high-performance real-time PDW generation and streaming.
  • Minimum Discernible Signal application, controls remote test equipment to measure the performance of EW Communications suites at system level, when installed on a Navy vessel.
  • Automatic Test System, performs automatic functional testing of EW communications devices.
  • JEDS Antenna Calibration System, automates Antenna Range testing processes.

PulsePro, our flagship ELINT real-time collection and analysis tool, is shown below.