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Design & Production

Antenna Ranging

Electronic Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Leonardo DRS Polaris

Design and Production


JEDS staff are capable of providing build-to-print services, repair services, manufacturing and customising technology for Defence and commercial customers.

JEDS having its own fully automated anechoic chamber can provide antenna design and fabrication from HF through to millimetre wave.

JEDS pioneered the development of asymmetric biconical omnis for submarine applications.

JEDS has also developed automated test procedures for continuous parameter measurements of a wide variety of antennas.

Other product designed and developed include ESM power supplies and RF distribution units, amplifiers, antenna mounts and radomes.

Leonardo DRS Polaris

Antenna Ranging


JEDS has considerable experience in Antenna design, ranging and support, and has been providing these skills to the Australian Department of Defence for many years.

Anechoic Chamber

JEDS has a complete range of specialised test equipment to support the ranging of Antennas. This includes a fully automated 500MHz – 40GHz anechoic test chamber complete with test horns from 400MHz to 40GHz.

Main characteristics of the anechoic chamber are:

  • Size 10m x 5m x 5m 18″, 12″ and 8″ pyramidal absorbers, average of 30db absorption from 0.8 GHz – 40 GHz, degrading to 17db at 500MHz
  • Constructed to MILHDBK 1195 using fully welded construction and double knife edge doors for both the access and transmit doors
  • Room Shielding Effectiveness is 100dB minimum from 400 MHz to 40 GHz, per MILHDBK 1195 900lb Azimuth over Elevation Positioner, +/- 0.2degree accuracy. 0.1 degree resolution
  • Agilent Antenna Measurement System up to 40 GHz
  • JEDS Inhouse developed characterization software (JACS), for precision measurement and calibration of antennas in formats suitable for exporting into System Lookup Tables
  • Test Horns from 0.65 to 40 GHz; Broadband Horns from 1 to 26.5 GHz; LPAs from 0.1 to 1GHz
  • Continuous characterisation of Gain, Azimuth and Elevation over multi-octave ranges
  • JEDS new Near Field Scanning capability will allow the testing of antennas up to 2 x 3 metres

Open Site Ranging Facility

JEDS has an Open Site Ranging Facility for the ranging of antennas that are unable to be successfully tested\calibrated within the Anechoic Chamber.

The JEDS Antenna Calibration System (JACS, pictured left) has been designed and developed by our IT team to automate the antenna calibration process at the site.

Static Antenna Alignment is undertaken prior to ranging as this offers significant reduction in overall ranging effort and cost.

Leonardo DRS Polaris

Electronic Engineering


JEDS can offer Engineering System Services and support for EW, Radar and Radio Communications Equipment and Antennas.

JEDS has invested in specialised Test Equipment in order to undertake this work and includes:

  • Fully automated Anechoic Test Chamber (500MHz – 40.0GHz)
  • Network Analysers (40GHz)
  • Signal Generators (40GHz)
  • Spectrum Analysers (40GHz)
  • Communication Test Sets
  • Scalar/Vector Analysers

JEDS engineering offers complete project management capabilities including:

  • Tasking and Reporting
  • Engineering Change Proposals
  • Design Authority
  • Documentation Development
  • Logistics and Configuration Management

Test Equipment

We have a comprehensive range of microwave test equipment (up to 40GHz) including: Network and Scalar analysers, spectrum analysers, signal synthesisers. radio test sets as well as a wide range of general purpose test equipment.

Leonardo DRS Polaris

Mechanical Engineering


JEDS has a mechanical fabrication and repair facility, providing for a ‘One Shop’ philosophy for antenna systems. Capability includes:

  • Antenna pedestal design, fabrication and overhaul
  • Precision antenna element alignment
  • Motor drive unit and bearing overhaul
  • Radome repair and painting to applicable standards
  • Remanufacturing of hard-to-source or obsolete parts.

Fully Equipped Mechanical Workshop

Our fully equipped factory offers production runs and one off items including fabrication, machining and welding of aluminium, steel and stainless steel (MIG and TIG).

Capabilities include:

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Welding – MIG and TIG
  • Platform Integration
  • Customer on-site services
  • Manufacturing and refurbishing

On-Board Installation

Our extensive on-board installation experience involving compartment modification to install shock and vibration mounted 19″ racks and associated EW equipment and welding on ships’ masts and structures for antenna foundations.


Our manufacturing capability is impressive and extensive, including:

  • Manufacture of mast arrays,
  • Antenna mounts for Land and Marine applications and
  • Manufacture, repairs and modifications of EW Shelters for the RAN.