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Leonardo DRS Polaris

Leonardo DRS


Leonardo DRS is a defence technology leader, providing mission-critical products and services to defence, government intelligence and industrial customers.
Leonardo DRS has developed and manufactured a broad range of mission critical systems that uniquely position the Company to support the military’s near-term force modernisation and emerging transformation initiatives.

Leonardo DRS has released the SI-9150 Polaris mulita channel wideband digital tuner (2-6200MHz) and is available for non-ITAR export.
The Polaris is the next generation tuner which is ideal for light weight low applications including vehicular, airborne, maritime and antenna integration

L3Harris Logo
CS-3701 Circular Array Interferometer ESM System



JEDS is the exclusive sales and support representative for L3Harris RSS EW and Sonar Products in Australia.

L3Harris is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems and products for surface, sub-surface, airborne, land-fixed and land-mobile platforms.

L3Harris EW Systems are deployed on RAN Surface and Subsurface platforms

L3Harris Sonar Products include:

  • Model 997 Sonar System;
  • Model 950 Sonar System;
  • Model 980 Active Low Frequency Towed Sonar (ALOFTS) System;
  • Networked Enable Tactical Link Systems (NETLS); and
  • Command Management Information System (CMIS).

Subject to Export Licence Approval

The example shown is the CS-3701 Circular Array Interferometer ESM System.

Southwest Research Institute Logo
SWRI Technology

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)


JEDS is the exclusive sales and support representative for SwRI Signal Exploitation and Geolocation Division in Australia and New Zealand.

The Signal Exploitation and Geolocation Division is recognized worldwide as a leader in developing communications signal intercept, direction finding, surveillance and tagging and tracking systems

Products and Services include:

SIGINT Solutions

  • Signal Exploitation
  • Systems Engineering
  • Electromagnetic Apertures and Radiolocation
  • Program Management

Surveillance & Geolocation

  • Mission Systems
  • Tracking Systems
  • Tactical Products

    • Land and Airborne Systems
    • Maritime Systems
    • Program Management

    Software Engineering

    • Signal Processing
    • Information Exploitation
    • Mission Development and Management

    The example shown is from the Surveillance and Radiolocation Department.

    Terma Logo
    placeholder image



    Terma designs, develops, and delivers state-of-the-art security, self protection, command and control, and surveillance solutions which are deployed by customers worldwide.

    Terma’s innovative security and surveillance solutions continue to be invaluable for ports, airports, coast guards, first responders, emergency organizations, and defense forces globally.

    Our radar solutions are based on the Terma SCANTER radar, superior for small target detection, and the T.react platform, which ensures a correlated view of all data and information at all times.

    The C-Series products provide a complete range of key functionality to enable naval and security forces to perform surveillance, counterterrorism, drug interdiction, and peace keeping missions, among others. This includes functions for maritime picture compilation, battle management, helicopter landings, and Search & Rescue operations.

    Products include:

    • C-Raid Tactical Naval C2 System
    • C-Guard Soft-Kill Decoy Weapon System
    • C-Link Tactical Data Link System
    • C-Flex Naval C2 System
    • C-Fire Electro-Optic Detection System
    • SCANTER Maritime Radars

    Subject to Export Licence Approval

    Ultra Electronics Herley Logo
    placeholder image

    Ultra Electronics Herley


    Ultra Electronics Herley is an innovative company that supplies bespoke, sophisticated RF, microwave and millimeter wave components and subsystems to the defence and aerospace industries.

    JEDS represents 3 Divisions of Ultra Electronics Herley (this section will require rewriting due to acquisition by Ultra)

    Herley Lancaster

    Products include:
    Communication Systems
    Data Acquisition & Telemetry Systems
    Flight Termination Systems
    GPS Systems
    IFF Systems
    Landing Systems
    Microwave Sub-Systems
    Radar Altimeters
    Radar Transponders
    Telemetry Transmitters and Receivers

    Herley CTI

    Products include:
    Very Low Phase Noise Frequency Up/Down Converters
    Frequency Sysnthesizers
    Phase Locked Oscillators
    Free Running Oscillators
    Integrated and Custom Assemblies

    Herley New England (formerly Herley MDI)

    Products include:
    Products include
    Hybrid Microcircuits
    MIC Products
    Waveguide Products
    Note some Herley products (components and lower level subassembles are also marketed through JEDS sister company,
    MillItech Australia.

    Subject to Export Licence Approval

    Lockheed Martin Sippican Logo
    Lockheed Martin Sippican target

    Lockheed Martin Sippican


    JEDS represents Lockheed Martin Sippican Oceangraphic Systems and Autonomous Underwater Recoverable ASW Training Targets.

    Sippican Oceanographic Systems group designs and manufactures expendable probes which collect data on physical properties of the ocean.
    This group also manufactures launching devices and shipboard data acquisition systems which record, process, and interpret the data the probes collect.

    Products include:

    • Expendable Bathythermograph and Expendable Sound Velocimeter (XBT/XSV) Probes
    • Hand Held, Deck Mounted and Through Hull Launchers for XBT/XSV Probes
    • Data Acquisition Systems for XBT/XSV Probes
    • ASW Targets
    • Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) crews can get the focused training they need to maintain critical ASW combat skills with Lockheed Martin Sippican line of recoverable and expendable ASW training targets.

    Over the last 20 years, Lockheed Martin has amassed a wealth of knowledge in underwater vehicle design, manufacturing and deployment. The vehicles are capable of being launched from aircraft (fixed and rotary winged), submarines and almost any type of surface craft or ship.

    Products include:

    • MK 39 Expendable Mobile ASW Target (EMATT)
    • MK 39 EMATT Field Programmability System
    • Submarine Mobile Acoustic Target Training (SUBMATT and Field Programmability System
    • Self-Propelled Acoustic Target System

    Subject to Export Licence Approval