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Microwave Antenna

Lowband DF Subsystem
JEDS is pleased to introduce the MAS-224 Microwave Antenna System, which is a maritime antenna system comprising DF and OMNI antenna assemblies, RF Distribution units, the ACU-10, and ancillary components.

The MAS-224 System is designed such that it can readily be integrated into most Microwave Spinning DF Assemblies, providing more flexibility to the customers due operational requirements and platform restrictions and limitations.

The MAS-224 Microwave Spinning DF Antenna System comprises the following:

  • Omni and DF performance
  • RF performance optimised to meet platform considerations
  • 0.5 – 40.0GHz Frequency Coverage
  • Customised RF Distribution
  • Tuneable Notch Filters
  • DF Antenna Control
  • GUI Displays for system configuration, control and display applications using Windows XP
  • Work Station via Ethernet network connection
  • Customised Radome assembly

The MAS-224 supports multiple antenna suppliers including but not limited to ITT RSS and Andrews Companies.

A typical example of an operator GUI display is shown below:

Subject to Export Licence Approval


Compact Broadband Multi-Function Intercept Antenna


Low Band DF SubSystem