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Low Band
DF SubSystem

Lowband DF Subsystem
The LBDFSS is degined to interface with Modern Naval ESM Systems to provide radar sigal detection and identification in the frequency range from 0.4GHz to 3.0GHz.

  • Digital PDW (Pulse Descriptor Word) output.
  • <5 degrees RMS DF accuracy.
  • Designed to work in the presence of high power onboard, littoral CW and Radar Emitters.
  • 4 or 8 channel superhet receivers with selectable bandwidth (1-50MHz)
  • Signal processing measures for each pulse received:
    • Time of Arrival (TOA)
    • Pulse Width (PW)
    • Amplitude
    • Frequency
    • Direction of Arrival (DOA)
    • FMOP & PMOP parameters
  • Real Time Recording, Analysis and Playback Tools available with Multi-Window HMI using JEDS Pulse Pro Analysis Software

Subject to Export Licence Approval


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