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Compact Broadband
Intercept Antenna

Compact Broadband Multi-Function Intercept Antenna

JEDS is pleased to introduce their low cost compact ultra broadband receive only antenna.

The MFIA is a single RF feed broadband omni-directional intercept antenna with a frequency coverage from 2.0 MHz to 18 GHz. 



Antenna Type: Omnidirectional receive
Frequency Range: 2MHz – 18GHz
Polarisation: Vertical (45 deg Slant combination optional)
Impedance: Nominal 50 Ohm
VSWR: Less than 3:1
Typical Gain: 20dB (Optional Selectable Gain – High / Low)
Protection: Diode Networks/Limiters and Gas arrestor
Antenna System Sensitivity: 110 dBmi 1 – 30 MHz
120 dBmi 30 – 500 MHz
110 dBmi 500 – 1000 MHz
90 dBmi 1 – 18 GHz
Antenna Unit:

Height: 360mm Minimum
Weight: ≤ 5kg
Interface (Electrical):  ‘N’ Type female connector
Environmental: sealed unit to prevent ingress of moisture or deterioration of housing due to environment.


Base Unit:

Height: 1RU or to customer form factor
Width: Suit standard 19 inch or customer form factor rack.
Antenna Unit: DC voltages only, less than 35W high gain mode
Base Unit: 240/115 Vac, 50-60 Hz, auto-sensing, or DC Input 15-35VDC
  • Dedicated transit case
  • Customised Antenna Mounting Plate
  • GPS Output; (L1: 1226 MHz and L2: 1575 MHz)
  • SATCOM receive outputs: using 3rd order Butterworth BP Filtering to maintain extremely low BP ripple
    WB SATCOM: 225 – 400 MHz
    NB SATCOM: 240 – 270 MHz
  • Customised outputs (single or multiple)
Subject to Export Licence Approval


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